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Now you can earn tokens by creating humorous content and sharing it with your friends. Dopameme is a decentralized platform where you can get rewarded for posting memes.

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Smart Contract

Dopameme provides digital ownership of  your posts to prevent someone else from earning money with your creations

Actual Meme

Create original and fun content to start earning MTT (Meme Tip Token) as a reward

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Let's talk about us

Memes are expressions of an idea which carries weight among society. Dopameme is a decentralized platform project that uses smart contracts running on the Ethereum Network aiming to tokenize memes. We will provide economic incentives for creating and sharing original content as well as participating in the platform.

If you wish to contribute, whitelist registration will last for a full month or until our contributors cap is reached. KYC should start somewhere in the middle, and will last some days after the end of the whitelist registration. Thank you so much for your support.

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Here are some facts about Dopameme over the competition

Users Revenue

While our competition keeps a 100% of their websites revenue, Dopameme will deliver a platform in which content creators will be the most benefited

Website Worth

9gag.com – $886M USD
giphy.com – $790M USD

What's DMT?

The Dopameme Token, or DMT as we call it, is the asset of the platform and you can acquire it through our Token Sale. For more information fill up the registration to our whitelist

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Our private pre-sale is now open

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What's Dopameme?

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Dopameme is a decentralized social media platform built on top of Ethereum, made to share memes and get tokens for your posts. Using smart contracts Dopameme provides economic incentives for creating original content, sharing and participating in the website.

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We're working our a** off

Take a look at the prototype

Dopameme’s team has been working on the MVP and we’re very proud to announce that we got this prototype fully working, but also we’re working our a** off to launch a beta version in the next month

Check it out now

Meet Our Team

Our core team is formed by a group of young entrepreneurs, blockchain and full-stack developers, as well as business experts who have great synergy, we combine their skills with ours to create this new and exciting project

Sergio Valencia

Co-Founder | CEO

A natural born leader and multi-disciplined Entrepreneur, Sergio comes from a strong background in internet App-based businesses. He has a Master’s degree in Architecture from Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM); as well as 3 diplomacies in Business, Finance, and Graphic Design. Sergio is an early cryptocurrency analyst and investor who has been experimenting with Blockchain technology for over a year. He brings strategy, creativity, and knowledge to the team.

Humberto Sanchez

Co-Founder | COO

Humberto is CEO and founder of an app called Fudsom that was developed in Guadalajara, Mexico. He has over 7 years of experience in web design and development UI/UIX. He is an entrepreneur and as of recently also a crypto-trader (although a noob).
Humberto is as social as they come! He loves to hang out with friends and his beautiful girlfriend. He is also a foodie and a gamer; he loves League of Legends and of course, Call of Duty. It has always been a dream of his to own a Brewery and to be part of the 'next big thing' which is going to be Blockchain Technology.

Odiseo Ibañez

Co-Founder | CTO

Odiseo is a Mechatronic Engineer and Entrepreneur with a passion for coding. He has over four years of experience in the IT field where he has implemented technology and used his problem-solving skills to meet business goals for his clients. Odiseo fell in love with Blockchain technology as soon as he discovered it! Ever since, he’s been dedicated to learn and preach about the benefits of this technology.

Andres Sosa

Chief Developer

With over 10+ years of experience and hands-on software engineering. Andres is one of the greatest developers everybody on the team has ever met. He is a full-time “code maniac” and blockchain enthusiast; who also happens to be a self-proclaimed “badass rider” although he attributes it to being a medical condition (It may or may not be true). With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a healthy obsession with keeping up to date with current technologies, and industry best practices; he will be a fundamental and key piece of the dopameme network and ecosystem. He is co-founder and CTO of the Fudsom App as well as a savvy cryptocurrency entrepreneur.

Angel Hernandez

Blockchain Developer

Who is Angel? Angel is a person who cares about the common welfare, sometimes he can be a geek, sometimes a Chef, sometimes a Teacher, and sometimes a Student. He loves taking part in interesting projects; we know at dopameme that the blockchain and crypto currencies are among the most revolutionary concepts of today. This is the reason why he wishes to collaborate and take a part in it. In his spare time, you may find Angel running in a park, playing Destiny, or coding something interesting.

Raul Ruiz

Front End Developer

This is Raul our newest member and part of the team, he's a front end developer, entrepreneur and a tech guy passionate. He is a master of JavaScript and React evangelist but also he's willing to learn any other framework. A guy who loves to play soccer and shares the love for videogames. Raul is a fan of Lord of the Rings and Final Fantasy since he was a little boy.

Juan Jose

Marketing Director

Juan Jose is currently the Marketing Manager of Crol, a SaaS for entrepreneurs in Mexico. He is currently working directly with the Mexican teams of Microsoft and Google to develop digital marketing and Go-to-Market strategies. Additionally, he is an active member of Mexican Blockchain communities, and does Blockchain Marketing as a personal project in his free time. He is fascinated by issues of Growth Hacking, the Blockchain, ICOs and Cryptocurrencies.

Dalia Camacho

Community Manager

Dalia is 23 years old and from Uruapan City. She's and anime lover, who also loves well-seasoned food and scenic arts. She is an entrepreneur who loves creating content for blogs as well as doing logistics for big events. Dalia is studying advertising and strategic communications at the Western Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESO) in Guadalajara, Mexico. At the same time, she's also studying international relations at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM).

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