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Here you will find all the information you need about DMT (Dopameme Token), also how to be part of our token sale, if you have any question join the conversation at Discord and Telegram.

Dopameme Token (DMT) sale details

General aspects

DMT (Dopameme Token) is an ERC20 Token and will have an specific value based on the number of $ETH raised on our token sale, it will be sent 72hr after our Token Sale ends


Maximum token supply:

to be distributed
100,000,000 DMT

Crowdsale cap

Minimum: $2M
Maximum: $6M

Minimum contribution

.01 ETH = $10 USD approx.

Important note

Please do not send any ether to the sale address from an exchange. First send it to your wallet and then contribute from there.

How to contribute
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Funds Allocation

1 ETH = 10,000 DMT


“We want to be the platform where the memes and infographic content lives, gets rated and is shared everywhere.”