1. Intro

Legal Disclaimer

The full content of this Website, and all other means of communication, are only issued for the purpose of informing its readers, and shall never constitute an offer to participate in equity or shares of any current or future company that is connected with Dopameme. Purchasing or taking possession of the Tokens affiliated with Dopamem.io (DMT and MTT) should never be construed as taking equity or shares in any current or future company connected with Dopameme, nor means an offer to conclude a contract, agreement or other commitment.
In the event a person decides to purchase or otherwise takes possession of DMT and/or MTT, Dopameme expressly rejects any liability for direct and/or consequential losses or damages of any nature, also when these losses or damages are the direct or indirect result of this document and its content. This includes any error, omission or inaccuracy contained in Dopameme’s Whitepaper on the website.
The nature of DMT and MTT is that they are cryptographic tokens distributed on the Ethereum network, and cannot be exchanged for any goods and services. Moreover, DMT and MTT can only be used within the architecture that Dopameme offers.
DMT and MTT are not an investment, and its initial offering cannot be construed as an investment advice. There is absolutely no guarantee that DMT and MTT will increase or decrease in value after purchasing it. Likewise, DMT and MTT grant no equity or right to control a company connected to Dopameme.io, now and in the future.

2. General

Anyone who does not use DMT and MTT with honesty and integrity may lose their right to use and access Dopameme’s website and networks, and such conduct may even lose their token. In that case, lost tokens will be redistributed among the Dopameme community.
Dopameme fulfils its obligation to grant purchaser’s access to their DMT and MTT. However, users bear the risk of losing their login credentials which eventually can result in losing their DMT and MTT tokens.
Dopameme’s users and token holders are responsible to investigate what the best way is to store their credentials, for example in one or more digital locations or on a cold wallet. Dopameme’s users and token holders are responsible to guard and restrict the access to his credentials and shall make any reasonable effort to avoid third parties access to purchasers’ login credentials and private keys.
Dopameme’s functionality, including their DMT and MTT tokens, depends on the Ethereum protocol. Any malfunction and deviance from Ethereum’s normal functioning may result in the malfunctioning of Dopameme and its tokens, and is susceptible to lose the value of token holders. Similarly, DMT and MTT can also lose their value.
Currently, there is much debate on the topic of crypto currencies and blockchain in general, also within governments. Recently, several countries have restricted or forbid the access to certain cryptocurrencies or (security) tokens. The functionality of Dopameme and its tokens can be affected by regulatory measures from a country in which purchaser resides or which laws and regulations apply to him/her. These measures could be, but are not limited to: restrictions on the use, sale, or possession of digital tokens.
There is always the risk that Dopameme and its tokens will not be widely adopted by its users and its creators. This risk can negatively impact Dopameme, its tokens and functionality. If Dopameme lacks the use and adoption by a general public, this may influence the value of Dopameme and its tokens as a whole. Another risk that users have to take in to account, are (temporary) security weaknesses, and individual and groups of hackers and the theft of data that work globally. This can have a negative impact on the functionality of Dopameme and its tokens.
Another risk is the technical advancement of cryptography, as a result of quantum computing or any other future development or computer engineering technique that could result in the theft, hacking or loss of user’s DMT and MTT. Unanticipated cryptographic risks and/or combinations or variations of the abovementioned risks, as well as the emergence of new unknown risks, can result in the malfunctioning of Dopameme and loss of its tokens. Each user should be aware of that risk.

3. Prohibition

Citizens and/or green card holders of and/or persons residing in the USA or other countries where initial coin offerings (ICOs) or participation therein are not allowed are prohibited from making contributions to Dopameme and participating in the Token Sale. Persons from prohibited countries who participate in the Token Sale by providing false information about their citizenship, residency and/or nationality shall be in breach of Dopameme Terms & Conditions and shall be required to indemnify Dopameme in respect of any damages and/or losses suffered due to this breach in accordance with the indemnification provisions set out in Dopameme’s Terms & Conditions.